Terms and Conditions

First and foremost, all campers will be required to kick back, relax and enjoy the camping experience!!

Must be 21 years of age to reserve a camping trip with Dog Daze Outfitters. Reserving adult must be part of the party camping.

All campers must acknowledge and sign Dog Daze Outfitters liability waiver.

**Camp sites are not guaranteed** You may be notified within 24 hours prior to your trip that there are no available campsites.

Yes we are dog friendly! Observe leash laws where applicable.

When on National Forest Land, all guests must observe and comply with all rules and regulations of the National Forest Service. When on BLM Land, all guests must observe and comply with all rules and regulations of the Bureau of Land Management.

Guests may not live at the campsite. Dispersed campsites are for recreational use only.

Never leave a fire burning unattended!

Any negligence to Dog Daze Outfitters property, caused by human or animal, including theft, misplacement and or damage will result in repair or replacement charges.

Campsites are typically out of cell coverage, in the case of an emergency, your party will be responsible for transportation to the nearest medical facility.

Before you participate in recreation in Gunnison County, please be sure to check the national forest website and Gunnison county website for special alerts such as current fire bans.

National Forest Alerts: https://www.fs.usda.gov/gmug

Gunnison County Alerts https://www.gunnisoncounty.org/

Before you head out for any adventure in the Rocky Mountains, know that it is a wild place where anything can happen. Even though we have made this list of precautions we could not possibly prepare you for every situation you may encounter. So always use an abundance of caution!

You will be camping in the Rocky Mountains, at elevations above 8,000 feet, where un-predictable weather can occur at any time of year. Depending on the weather, your attire may change many times throughout the day. In addition to your summer clothing, be sure to bring warm clothing and rain gear in the case that unfavorable weather is present and temperatures drop. It is also smart to bring warm sleep wear as temps can fall below freezing at night, even mid summer in favorable conditions.

Fuel Up! You will find gas stations such as City Market, Loves, Sinclair & Alta in the Gunnison city limits. You could possibly drive over 100 miles before seeing another gas station. That’s a long walk! Having a spare tire & tire change equipment is strongly recommended as well, roads can be rocky & rough!

Don’t forget about the wildlife! Wild animals are bountiful in our area, please be sure to camp responsibly. Keep food locked away in your containers, do not leave it unattended, do not feed wildlife. Hike in groups and make some noise while you’re on the trail to avoid accidentally “sneaking” up on wildlife.

Always Stay the Trail while driving, biking and hiking. Not only to protect the beautiful landscape and wildlife habitat but also for your safety. More information on Stay the Trail available on the Forest Services website.

For information from the National Forest service on camping in bear country, please click the link below:

Click to access fseprd541459.pdf

Leave only footprints and take only memories.

Use trail etiquette. Everyone yields to horses and wildlife- Bikes follow same rules as a vehicle- Vehicles traveling downhill yield to those coming uphill- Hikers yield to vehicles/ bikes- Everyone pass slowly to avoid broken windshields/ faces- Keep all puppy dogs on a leash, even if they are well behaved-